DOT Log Book Audits

Non-compliant drivers are the fastest way to raise your BASIC score and face the potential for fines and increased inspections. With ever changing regulations, it is virtually impossible to visually scan for violations. All carriers should be performing a regular audit of their driver's logs and hours of service records. This could consist of time cards for local drivers, logs for over the road drivers or a combination of time cards and logs for drivers that do both types of work. This should be performed at least once a month to get the results back to the driver faster so that they can take corrective action for the future. This, along with a good disciplinary policy for non-compliance, is a step towards total DOT compliance.

We offer Driver's Log Book Auditing - a 100% audit of your driver's logs. We use software that is continually updated for the latest regulation changes. We check for Hours of Service and Form and Manner violations. We offer the following reports:

We also can perform "Falsification Audits", by comparing the logs to other sources that contain time and date information, for example fuel tickets. Our program is setup to interface with Comdata fueling and other fuel card company's information to help in comparing this information.

You can have the peace of mind knowing that your drivers are legal and that you have taken steps to reduce your chances to face fines and penalties for only $10.00 per month per driver.

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