Welcome To PTC

Professional Truckers Consultants offers a wide variety of affordable services. These include: US DOT & MC Authority, UCR, BOC-3 Process Agents, Permits, IFTA & Mileage Tax Quarterly Reporting, Hours of Service, and Log Book Auditing.

PTC offers personal attention to assist you with your efforts in complying with the complex and changing Federal and State Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Fuel/Mileage Tax Reporting Service - As the states become computer linked, staying legal is more important than ever. We make filing your quarterly fuel and mileage taxes as painless as possible. It only takes one missed quarterly filing to have your IFTA license suspended - don't take that chance!

DOT Log Book Audits - With the FMCSA mandating an increase in the number of audits conducted and large increase in the amount of fines levied, ensuring your drivers comply with the regulations and being aware of their activity is more important than ever.

Permitting - PTC can keep your vehicles properly permitted and avoid costly delays and fines.

DOT Compliance - If you are concerned about being able to successfully complete a DOT audit, PTC can help you prepare. PTC can also help you help you correct your problems if you have already had a DOT audit that resulted in a Conditional or Unsatisfactory status.

Electronic/Paperless Fuel/ Mileage Tax Reporting - Each quarter more states are requiring electronic filing of your IFTA and mileage taxes along with EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payments. Let PTC navigate this maze for you.

Authorities - PTC can obtain your USDOT number and your MC number. All you will need to do is fill out a simple form with your basic information and we will do the rest.